Unit-Linked Life Insurance

Multi-Asset Fund

Fund codeAB

Fund aim

The investment objective of the fund is to provide long-term investment growth through exposure to a diversified range of asset classes, excluding physical property.

Fund characteristics

The fund will invest in a range of assets which may include equities, bonds, cash, infrastructure, private equity, global real estate companies and other asset classes deemed by PMC to be relevant to the objective of the fund. The assets of the fund may be held directly or indirectly via units of other PF Sections, including MPAA (Multi-Asset Fund). Exposure to each asset class will primarily be through investing in passively managed funds. The fund aims to meet the criteria of the ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Sector. The fund is expected to have a level of risk which is equivalent to two thirds of the volatility of a global equity portfolio, over the long-term.

Fund facts

Fund size£24,048.3m
Base currencyGBP
DomicileUnited Kingdom
Share class launch24/03/93
As at 31 Dec 2023


Source: LGIM. Performance is reported in GBP based on weekly mid-market prices before the deduction of fees.
Please note that the Fund’s allocation and comparator changed with effect from 31 July 2016. Comparator returns for periods starting before this date include an internally calculated composite benchmark composed of the benchmarks for each constituent fund that the Consensus Index Fund held. The Consensus Index Fund invested in a range of funds to follow the average distribution of the Balanced Fund, excluding Property as published in the CAPS Pooled Pension Fund Update.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance and the value of investments can go down as well as up.
Share class launch date:24 Mar 1993
Comparator:ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Sector
Share class launch date:24 Mar 1993
Comparator:ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Sector
    Share class launch date:24 Mar 1993
    Comparator:ABI Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares Sector

    Portfolio breakdown

    As at 31 Dec 2023

    Asset allocation (%)

    Developed Corporate Bonds
    Developed Government Bonds
    Alternative Credit

    Equities (%)

    North America Equity7.9
    UK Equity6.6
    Europe ex UK Equity6.5
    Emerging Market Equity6.1
    Japan Equity5.1
    Developed Small Cap Equity4.0
    Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity2.7
    Middle East & African Equity0.2

    Developed Corporate Bonds (%)

    GBP Corporate Bonds7.9
    USD Corporate Bonds6.8
    EUR Corporate Bonds4.1

    Developed Government Bonds (%)

    Index-Linked Gilts3.7
    US Inflation-Protected Bonds2.7
    Supranationals (SSA)2.0
    Euro Inflation-Linked Bonds1.7
    Conventional Gilts1.2
    Developed (ex UK) Sovereign Debt0.9

    Alternatives (%)

    Global Real Estate*5.2
    Global Infrastructure*4.7
    Global Private Equity*2.3
    UK Real Estate1.0
    Global Forestry*0.5

    Alternative Credit (%)

    Emerging Market Debt9.5
    Global High Yield5.5
    Money Market**1.1
    *Exposure through shares in listed infrastructure/global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)/Private Equity management companies/Timberland companies.**Invests in short-term assets which are issued by governments, high quality banks and companies. Asset allocations are subject to change.

    All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

    Fund managers

    Martin Dietz headshot

    Martin Dietz

    Martin is a Fund Manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team and responsible for the development of medium and long-term investment strategy. Prior to joining LGIM in September 2012, Martin was a senior investment consultant at Towers Watson where he was a member of its Global Investment Committee.



    Units can be purchased, sold or switched on a designated dealing day. This fund is offered on a weekly close, daily close, or daily midday basis. Further information is available in the relevant operational procedures sheet and the Description of Funds.

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