Unit-Linked Life Insurance

Active GBP Collateralised and Corporates Fund

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Base currency
Launch date
Apr 2008
United Kingdom


Modified duration
6.68 years
Gross redemption yield (unhedged)

As at 31 Dec 2022

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Source: LGIM

LIBOR is changing: read more on how future reforms of interbank offered rates may affect your investments with us.

Performance (%)
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    Performance summary (%)

    As at 31 Dec 2022

    6 months-5.60-5.99
    Year to date-19.09-19.29
    1 year-19.09-19.29
    3 years-4.64-5.28
    5 years-1.12-1.63
    Since launch4.694.05
    Rolling 12-month performance
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    Monthly performance
    Annualised performance

    Rolling 12-month performance to last quarter end (%)

    12 months to 31 December 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

    Calendar year performance (%)

    2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

    Monthly performance (%)

    Annualised performance (%)

    Annualised1 year3 years5 yearsSince launch

    Performance is reported in GBP based on weekly mid-market prices before the deduction of fees.

    With effect from 25th January 2022 the Fund’s permitted exposure to bonds with minimum credit ratings of BB- will increase from 5% to 10%.

    Past performance is not a guide to future performance and the value of investments can go down as well as up.


    As at 31 Dec 2022. All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

    Currency (%)

    Top 10 issuers22.6
    Rest of portfolio77.4
    No. of issuers142

    Top 10 issuers (%)

    Credit Suisse Group AG3.4
    CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd3.1
    United Kingdom3.0
    E.ON SE2.3
    Kelda Holdings Ltd2.0
    Hammerson PLC1.8
    Freshwater Finance PLC1.8
    Eurologi II Sarl1.8
    Banco Santander SA1.7
    M&T Bank Corp1.7

    Credit rating (%)


    Top sector over/underweights (%)

    Cash and Equivalents10.1-10.1
    Real Estate6.64.71.9
    Financial Services4.63.41.2
    Consumer Services5.44.60.9
    Basic Materials-0.7-0.7
    Oil & Gas0.91.9-1.0
    Health Care0.42.2-1.8
    Consumer Goods3.46.4-2.9

    Fund Manager

    Ian leads our UK Active Credit team and lead manages our flagship all-stock and over 10 year strategies. He joined LGIM in 2004 as a product specialist on the fixed income desk, and in 2006 became a trainee fund manager role working on UK investment grade credit portfolios. He started his career in 1998 at Standard & Poor's MMS as a Eurobond analyst. Ian is IMC qualified and a CFA charterholder. He holds a degree in international relations from the University of Sussex.



    Units can be purchased, sold or switched on a designated dealing day. This fund is offered on a weekly close basis. Further information is available in the relevant operational procedures sheet and the Description of Funds.

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    As at
    27 Mar 2023

    Weekly dealt funds are valued at the local market close on the day preceding the dealing day.

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    As at

    Daily close dealt funds are valued at the local market close on the dealing day.

    Daily midday

    Mid price
    Dealing price
    Absolute change
    As at

    Daily midday dealt funds are valued at the 12:00 (UK time) on the dealing day.

    Key risks

    The value of an investment and any income taken from it is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up, you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

    The value of an investment and any income taken from it is not guaranteed and can go down as well as up; you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

    The return from your investment is not guaranteed and therefore you may receive a lower or higher return than you anticipated. There will be a variation in performance between funds with similar objectives due to the different assets selected.

    PMC’s charges and associated transaction costs are subject to change, with notice for the former and without notice for the latter. Charges and transactions costs deducted from the policy reduce your potential for capital growth in the future.

    Tax rules and the treatment of income and capital gains could change in the future and may be applied retrospectively.

    Inflation reduces the purchasing power of money over time as the cost of purchasing goods and services increases. If the rate of inflation exceeds the rate of return on your portfolio, it will erode the value of your portfolio and its investments in real terms.

    In extreme market conditions it may be difficult to realise assets held for a fund and it may not be possible to redeem units at short notice. We may have to delay acting on your instructions to sell or the price at which you cancel the units may be lower than you anticipated.

    The value of a fund’s assets may be affected by uncertainties such as international political developments, market sentiment, economic conditions, changes in government policies, restrictions on foreign investment and currency repatriation, currency fluctuations and other developments in the laws and regulations of countries in which investment may be made.

    PMC seeks to mitigate counterparty risk wherever possible on behalf of its policyholders through a variety of measures which include: each fund’s non-cash assets being held with independent custodians, sweeping cash (where appropriate) overnight into the LGIM’s range of Liquidity funds (above a deminimus level), using the delivery versus payment system when settling transactions and the use of central clearing for exchange traded derivatives and forward foreign exchange transactions. However, in the event of the failure of a counterparty, custodian or issuer there is a residual risk that a fund may suffer asset losses which are unrecoverable.

    Important information

    All performance periods over a year will be annualised.

    This information is intended for investment professionals only and is for information purposes only. It should not be distributed without our permission.

    No investment decisions should be made without first reviewing the Key Information Document, the Key Features Document and Description of Funds of the relevant product which includes information on certain risks associated with an investment.

    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Information on this website (a) is for information purposes only and we are not soliciting any action based on it, and (b) is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities or pursue a particular investment strategy; and (c) is not investment, legal, regulatory or tax advice. Any trading or investment decisions taken by you should be based on your own analysis and judgment (and/or that of your professional advisers) and not in reliance on us or the Information.

    All information detailed on this website is current at the time of publication and may be changed in the future.

    Following the imposition of sanctions on Russian securities and assets being removed from indices the market has been effectively frozen for foreign investors and all equity positions have been marked to zero in line with LGIM’s fair value pricing policy. Regardless of being priced at zero LGIM funds may still own these securities and any value realised in the future will be for the sole benefit of the relevant fund. LGIM will seek to divest from such securities at such a time that market conditions allow consistent with our fiduciary duties and applicable sanctions.

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    Source: Unless otherwise indicated all data contained on this website is sourced from Legal and General Assurance (Pensions Management) Limited.

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