Unit Trust (NURS non-complex)

Go further with ESG investing as part of a diversified portfolio

Find out how we integrate ESG factors like climate change, social inequality and executive pay into these funds as part of our mission to create a better world through responsible investing.



Fund aim

The Fund’s objective is to provide a combination of growth and income within a pre-determined risk profile. The Fund’s potential gains and losses are likely to be constrained by the aim to stay within the risk profile. The Fund also aims to explicitly incorporate social, environmental and governance considerations into the  investment strategy at both portfolio and security level.

Fund snapshot

  • The Fund belongs to the Future World product range which represents the Manager's conviction and framework for responsible investing.
  • What does it invest in? Invests directly and/or indirectly in a range of investments including bonds, shares in companies, money market instruments (such as treasury bills), cash, permitted deposits and to alternative asset classes (such as infrastructure). Typically has higher exposure to shares in companies relative to other funds in the Future World ESG Multi-Index Fund range with a lower risk profile.
  • How does it invest? Actively managed to stay within DT's risk profile 6. The fund is part of a range of risk profiled funds which are rated on a scale of 1 (least risky) to 10 (most risky). The Fund aims to invest at least 75% in other collective investment schemes or direct holdings which, in the Investment Manager’s view, can be considered ESG assets. Further information on ESG assets can be found in the Supplement.

Fund facts

Fund size£13.6m
Base currencyGBP
Fund launch date21 Jun 2022
Share class launch21 Jun 2022
Historical yield1.5%
As at 31 Dec 2023


Initial charge0.00%
Ongoing charges figure0.36%
Dilution adjustment0.04% - round trip

Fund ratings


Performance for the I GBP Acc unit class in GBP, launched on 21 June 2022. Source: Lipper. Performance assumes all fund charges have been taken and that all income generated by the investments, after deduction of tax, remains in the fund.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Markets could develop very differently in the future. It can help you to assess how the fund has been managed in the past. The tables and charts above shows the fund's performance as the percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10 years.
Share class launch date:21 Jun 2022
Share class launch date:21 Jun 2022
    Share class launch date:21 Jun 2022

    Portfolio breakdown

    As at 31 Dec 2023

    Top 10 holdings73.5%
    Rest of portfolio26.5%

    Top 10 holdings (%)

    L&G Future World ESG North America Index Fund19.0
    L&G Future World ESG UK Equity Index Fund15.3
    L&G Future World ESG Emerging Markets Index Fund10.0
    L&G Future World ESG Europe ex UK Index Fund9.0
    L&G Future World ESG Asia Pacific Index Fund5.0
    L&G Future World ESG Japan Index Fund4.8
    US Treasury Inflation Linked 1.125 15/01/333.5
    L&G Global Real Estate Dividend Index Fund3.0
    L&G Active Global High Yield Bond Fund2.0
    L&G Artificial Intelligence ETF2.0

    All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

    Fund managers

    Andrzej Pioch headshot

    Andrzej Pioch

    Andrzej is a Fund Manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team with responsibilities covering the portfolio management and ongoing development of both institutional and retail multi-asset funds. Prior to joining LGIM in July 2014, he was a Fund Manager at Aviva Investors.

    Francis Chua headshot

    Francis Chua

    Francis is a fund manager in the Multi-Asset Funds team and assists in the management of the multi-index funds. Francis joined LGIM in October 2016 from Aviva where he was a senior investment analyst.



    Pricing information

    Price basisSingle swing
    Price time15:00 UK time
    Monthly price history

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    Codes and dealing


    BloombergLEGMF6I LN

    Dealing information

    Valuation frequencyDaily, 3pm (UK time)
    Dealing frequencyDaily
    Settlement periodT+4

    Country registration

    This share class is registered for sale in the following countries:

    United Kingdom