ICAV (UCITS compliant)

L&G Diversified USD Fund

I-Class USD Accumulation



Fund aim

The Fund aims to deliver long term capital growth through investment in other investment funds and direct securities. The Fund aims to outperform the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) (the "Cash Benchmark") by 3.75% per annum. This objective is before the deduction of any charges and measured over the long term (i.e. 5-10 years). However, the Fund is actively managed and the Investment Manager has full discretion over the composition of the Fund’s portfolio.

Fund snapshot

  • What does it invest in? Aims to have exposure to a globally diversified portfolio of company shares and related investments and bonds.
  • How does it invest? Actively managed, investing in other investment funds and direct securities.
  • Does it promote sustainability characteristics? The Fund promotes a range of environmental and social characteristics. Further information on how such characteristics are met by the Fund can be found in the Supplement.

Fund facts

Fund size$267.6m
Base currencyUSD
Fund launch date24 Aug 2016
Share class launch25 Apr 2018
As at 31 Jan 2024


Cash benchmark: Secured Overnight Financing Rate +3.75%; Comparator benchmark: MSCI World Net Total Return USD Index


Initial charge0.00%
Ongoing charges figure0.37%
Dilution levy0.17% - round trip
Entry anti-dilution levy0.10%
Exit anti-dilution levy0.07%


Performance for the I USD Acc unit class in USD, launched on 25 April 2018. Source: Lipper. Performance assumes all fund charges have been taken and that all income generated by the investments, after deduction of tax, remains in the fund. The Cash Benchmark of the Fund transitioned on 1 January 2020 as a result of the US Federal Reserve Board sponsored Alternative Reference Rates Committee recommendation. Until this date, performance is shown against the Fed Funds Effective Rate +3.75%. From 1 January 2020, performance is shown against SOFR +3.75% (referred to as the "Benchmark" in the chart below).
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Markets could develop very differently in the future. It can help you to assess how the fund has been managed in the past. The tables and charts above shows the fund's performance as the percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10 years.
Share class launch date:25 Apr 2018
Benchmark:Composite - comparator of the MSCI World Index (50% hedged to USD)
Share class launch date:25 Apr 2018
Benchmark:Composite - comparator of the MSCI World Index (50% hedged to USD)
    Share class launch date:25 Apr 2018
    Benchmark:Composite - comparator of the MSCI World Index (50% hedged to USD)

    Portfolio breakdown

    As at 31 Jan 2024

    Asset allocation (%)

    Developed Corporate Bonds
    Developed Government Bonds

    Equities (%)

    North America Equity8.5
    Europe ex UK Equity6.0
    Emerging Market Equity5.8
    Japan Equity5.5
    Developed Small Cap Equity3.9
    Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity3.4
    UK Equity1.5
    Frontier Market Equity0.9

    Developed corporate bonds (%)

    USD Corporate Bonds10.7
    EUR Corporate Bonds6.6
    GBP Corporate Bonds1.9

    Developed government bonds (%)

    US Inflation-Protected Bonds2.9
    US Treasury Bonds2.7
    Developed (ex US) Sovereign Debt2.6
    EUR Inflation-Linked Bonds0.9
    Index-Linked Gilts0.4

    Alternatives (%)

    Global Real Estate*6.9
    Emerging Market Debt (local)6.4
    Global High Yield6.2
    Global Infrastructure*5.3
    Global Private Equity3.0
    Emerging Market Debt (hard)2.9
    Insurance-Linked Bonds1.9
    Global Forestry1.0
    *Exposure through shares in listed vehicles. **Exposure through investing in funds that aim to provide a similar return to selected commodity indices. The underlying funds invest in derivatives to provide the return of the specified indices. Asset allocations are subject to change.

    All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

    Fund managers

    LGIM Asset Allocation Team

    The Fund’s asset allocation is set and maintained by LGIM’s Asset Allocation team. The team has a wealth of experience in fund management, investment strategy and economics. They are responsible for a wide range of multi-asset funds and investment strategies across LGIM's client base. The Fund allows a broad range of investors to access this expertise.


    SFDR categorisation

    Environmental characteristics
    Social characteristics

    No reference benchmark has been designated for the purpose of attaining the environmental or social characteristics promoted by the Fund.

    Whilst environmental and social characteristics are promoted through the application of the sustainability-related investment strategy, investors are reminded that these environmental and social characteristics are not sustainable investment objectives.



    Pricing information

    Price basisSingle - dilution levy
    Price time22:30 Irish time
    Monthly price history

    Codes and dealing


    BloombergLGDUIUA ID

    Dealing information

    Valuation frequencyDaily, 22:30 Irish time
    Dealing frequencyEach Irish and UK Business Day
    Settlement periodT+2
    Administrator/CustodianNorthern Trust

    Country registration

    This share class is registered for sale in the following countries:

    United Kingdom