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L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF

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Fund aim

The L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF (the "ETF") aims to track the performance of the ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR (the “Index”).

Fund snapshot

  • Long-term allocation

Long-term megatrend that we believe is radically transforming the way we live and work

  • High growth potential

Aims to capture the outsized growth potential of the global artificial intelligence technology industry

  • Leveraging industry expertise

An index tracking investment strategy that is supported by a team of artificial intelligence technology experts

  • Does it promote sustainability characteristics?

The Fund promotes a range of environmental and social characteristics which are met by tracking the Index. Further information on how such characteristics are met by the Fund can be found in the Fund Supplement.

Fund facts

Fund size$620.6m
Base currencyUSD
Fund launch date2 Jul 2019
Share class launch2 Jul 2019
Replication methodPhysical - full replication
As at 13 Feb 2024


ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR

Index description

ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR

The Index aims to track the performance of a basket of companies that have a distinct portion of their business and revenue derived from the field of Artificial Intelligence, and the potential to grow within this space through innovation and/or market adoption of their products and/or services.

The index is comprised of companies which are publicly traded on various stock exchanges around the world that are exposed to the "Artificial Intelligence" theme as defined by ROBO Global®. ROBO Global® created and maintains a unique database of companies across the globe that have a portion of their business and revenue associated with Artificial Intelligence and enabling technologies. The ROBO Global® Industry Classification currently identifies 11 subsectors of the Artificial Intelligence theme that present a suitable level of product and technology maturity to carry high growth and returns potential.

A company is only eligible for inclusion in the Index if it is of a sufficient size (determined by reference to the total market value of its shares) and it is sufficiently "liquid" ( a measure of how actively its shares are traded on a daily basis). Within the Index, companies are weighted according a modified AI-factor weighting scheme. The Index is rebalanced quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Index data

ProviderROBO Global®
Bloomberg codeTHNQTR
Reuters code.THNQTR
TypeTotal Return
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Performance for the USD Accumulating unit class in USD, launched on 02 July 2019. Source: Lipper. Performance assumes all ETF charges have been taken and that all income generated by the investments, after deduction of tax, remains in the ETF.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Markets could develop very differently in the future. It can help you to assess how the fund has been managed in the past. The tables and charts above shows the fund's performance as the percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10 years.
Share class launch date:02 Jul 2019
Benchmark:ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR
Share class launch date:02 Jul 2019
Benchmark:ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR
    Share class launch date:02 Jul 2019
    Benchmark:ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index TR

    Performance scenarios

    The figures shown include all the costs of the product itself, but may not include all the costs that you pay to your advisor or distributor. The figures do not take into account your personal tax situation, which may also affect how much you get back.
    What you will get from this product depends on future market performance. Market developments in the future are uncertain and cannot be accurately predicted.
    The unfavourable, moderate, and favourable scenarios shown are illustrations using the worst, average, and best performance of the product with input from the over the last 10 years. Markets could develop very differently in the future.

    Example investment:10,000 USD

    Scenarios1 year(Recommended holding period) 5 years

    There is no minimum guaranteed return. You could lose some or all of your investment.

    Stress scenario
    What you might get back after costs900USD700USD
    Average return each year (%)-90.98USD-41.25USD
    Unfavourable scenario
    What you might get back after costs5,750USD8,330USD
    Average return each year (%)-42.50USD-3.59USD
    Moderate scenario
    What you might get back after costs12,310USD30,780USD
    Average return each year (%)23.07USD25.22USD
    Favourable scenario
    What you might get back after costs19,380USD55,030USD
    Average return each year (%)93.81USD40.64USD

    Portfolio breakdown

    Top 10 constituents21.2%
    Rest of Index78.8%
    No. of constituents in Index61

    Top 10 constituents (%)

    Advanced Micro Devices2.5
    Analog Devices2.2
    Cognex Corporation2.0
    Palo Alto Networks2.0

    Sector (%)

    Information Technology
    Consumer Discretionary
    Health Care
    Communication Services
    Real Estate

    All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum to 100% due to rounding. The breakdowns shown relate to the Index. The ETF’s portfolio may deviate from the portfolio of the Index.

    Fund managers

    LGIM Index Fund Management Team headshot

    LGIM Index Fund Management Team

    The Index Fund Management team comprises 25 fund managers, supported by two analysts. Management oversight is provided by the Global Head of Index Funds. The team has average industry experience of 15 years, of which seven years has been at LGIM, and is focused on achieving the equally important objectives of close tracking and maximising returns.


    SFDR categorisation

    Environmental characteristics
    Social characteristics

    The Fund promotes the above-mentioned characteristics by tracking the ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence Index TR (the “Index”), which is a designated reference benchmark for the purpose of attaining the environmental and social characteristics promoted by the Fund. Whilst environmental and social characteristics are promoted through the application of the sustainability-related investment strategy, investors are reminded that these environmental and social characteristics are not sustainable investment objectives.



    Pricing information

    Price time16:00 EST (NY)
    Monthly price history

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    Listings and codes


    ExchangeCurrencyTickerISINBloombergReutersListing dateTrading hours (local)
    London Stock Exchange
    GBPAIAGIE00BK5BCD43AIAG LNAIAG.L02/07/201908:00 - 16:30
    London Stock Exchange
    USDAIAIIE00BK5BCD43AIAI LNLGAIAI.L02/07/201908:00 - 16:30
    Borsa Italiana
    EURAIAIIE00BK5BCD43AIAI IMLGAIAI.MI10/09/201909:00 - 17:30
    Deutsche Börse Xetra
    EURXMLDIE00BK5BCD43XMLD GYAIAG.DE10/09/201909:00 - 17:30
    SIX Swiss Exchange
    CHFAIAIIE00BK5BCD43AIAI SWAIAIR.S05/06/202009:00 - 17:30
    Bolsa Mexicana
    MXNAIAIIE00BK5BCD43AIAIN MMAIAIN.MX17/07/202309:00 - 17:30



    Dealing information

    IssuerLegal & General UCITS ETF Plc
    Depositary and TrusteeThe Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Dublin Branch
    Securities regulatorCentral Bank of Ireland

    Country registration

    This share class is registered for sale in the following countries:

    United Kingdom

    *The Fund is on the list of restricted collective investment schemes, but is not authorised or recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (the “MAS”) and the Shares cannot be offered or marketed to retail clients.