SICAV (UCITS compliant)

L&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund

I-Class USD Accumulation



Fund aim

The objective of the Fund is to provide long term return consisting of a combination of capital growth and income. The Fund will seek to achieve its objective while maintaining a lower weighted average carbon intensity than the Benchmark Index

The Fund is actively managed and seeks to achieve this objective by investing in a broad range of fixed income securities of which at least 80% will be issued in US Dollar, Sterling or Euro by Developing/Emerging Market governments and corporates.

Fund snapshot

  • What does it invest in? Invests predominantly in fixed income securities including bonds and other debt instruments, issued in a variety of currencies by companies and governments in emerging countries.
  • How does it invest? Actively managed, investing in debt which is a mixture of investment grade (lower risk) and sub-investment grade (higher risk). May also invest in unrated bonds, other types of securities and derivatives.
  • Does it promote sustainability characteristics? The Fund promotes a range of environmental and social characteristics. Further information on how such characteristics are met by the Fund can be found in the Supplement.

Fund facts

Fund size$70.1m
Base currencyUSD
Fund launch date24 Oct 2016
Share class launch12 Jun 2019
Modified duration5.90 years
Gross redemption yield (unhedged)7.56%
As at 31 Jan 2024


Blended benchmark consisting of 50% JP Morgan EMBIG Div Total Return Index and 50% JP Morgan CEMBI Div Total Return Index


Initial charge0.00%
Ongoing charges figure0.61%
Dilution adjustment1.000% - round trip


Performance for the I USD Acc unit class in USD, launched on 12 June 2019. Source: Lipper. This fund has adopted a single swinging price, this means that on any given day the single dealing price will be set at either bid, offer or somewhere in between, based on whether there was a net inflow or outflow into or out of the Fund. The past performance depicted in this factsheet is based on that dealing price and therefore may appear more volatile than it would otherwise be if we were to show the notional bid or offer performance, this is as a result of the daily swing.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Markets could develop very differently in the future. It can help you to assess how the fund has been managed in the past. The tables and charts above shows the fund's performance as the percentage loss or gain per year over the last 10 years.
Share class launch date:12 Jun 2019
Share class launch date:12 Jun 2019
    Share class launch date:12 Jun 2019

    Performance scenarios

    The figures shown include all the costs of the product itself, but may not include all the costs that you pay to your advisor or distributor. The figures do not take into account your personal tax situation, which may also affect how much you get back.
    What you will get from this product depends on future market performance. Market developments in the future are uncertain and cannot be accurately predicted.
    The unfavourable, moderate, and favourable scenarios shown are illustrations using the worst, average, and best performance of the product with input from the over the last 10 years. Markets could develop very differently in the future.

    Example investment:10,000 USD

    Data for the selected period isn't currently available

    Portfolio breakdown

    As at 31 Jan 2024

    Top 10 issuers18.7%
    Rest of portfolio81.3%
    No. of issuers156

    Top 10 issuers (%)

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia2.8
    Republic of the Philippines2.3
    United Mexican States2.0
    Grupo Financiero BanorteB de CV1.9
    Republic of Turkiye1.9
    Dominican Republic1.8
    Genting Bhd1.6
    Republic of Colombia1.6
    Melco International Development1.5
    Standard Chartered1.5

    Currency (%)

    This is the currency breakdown before allowing for any hedging the fund may use. We aim to hedge the portfolio 100% back to the base currency.

    All data source LGIM unless otherwise stated. Totals may not sum due to rounding.

    Fund managers

    Uday Patnaik headshot

    Uday Patnaik

    Uday is responsible for developing LGIM’s emerging market capabilities within the Global Fixed Income team. Uday joined LGIM in April 2014 from Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd where he held the title of Chief Investment Officer with primary responsibility for managing the flagship EMD hedge fund and other fixed income portfolios. Uday has an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and a BSc degree in industrial management from Carnegie Mellon University.


    SFDR categorisation

    Environmental characteristics
    Social characteristics

    No reference benchmark has been designated for the purpose of attaining the environmental or social characteristics promoted by the Fund.

    Whilst environmental and social characteristics are promoted through the application of the sustainability-related investment strategy, investors are reminded that these environmental and social characteristics are not sustainable investment objectives.



    Pricing information

    Price basisSingle swing
    Price time23:00 CET
    Monthly price history

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    Codes and dealing


    BloombergLGEMIUA LX

    Dealing information

    Valuation frequencyDaily, 23:00 CET
    Dealing frequencyEach Business Day
    Settlement periodT+3
    Administrator/CustodianNorthern Trust

    Country registration

    This share class is registered for sale in the following countries:

    United Kingdom